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I am a 40 something mum of 2, embarking on a new career in teaching, and enjoying craftiness of all kinds !


shopping, coldplay, craftiness, the english patient, airplane, nick drake, v for vendetta, sideways, curry, cooking, reading, sewing, bowie, annie hall, cold mountain, vanilla sky, some like it hot, hiding from the husband and kids, gossiping and cider. favourite books: secret history, blind assassin, small island, behind the scenes of the museum, birdsong, after you'd gone films: american beauty, withnail and i, dangerous liasons, love and sex, the squid and the whale food: chocolate, fish finger sandwhich, spag bol, bacon sandwich, chips at the seaside. music the beatles, soduko, everything is illuminated, magnolia, the line of beauty, the star of the sea, cloud atlas, the collector, the godfather 1 +2, ham and parsley sauce, lobster thermidor, weller, kate bush and too too many others to mention (including cheesy disco music)