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December 29, 2007



I love lists! I found one that I wrote years ago on all the places in the world I wanted to visit, haven't crossed them all off yet!
the books to read list is a great idea.


Your list made me chuckle. I know mine by heart too...it starts with "lose 10lbs"!


I actually wrote down some resolutions on the blog last year and managed to achieve a fair proportion of them. Amazing. Perhaps I should do it again.


I have been making lists since I went on holiday earlier this month, the damn thing keeps getting longer! My husband and sister keep adding to it also, which is very unfair, they should make up there own lists!


1-6 are my resolutions every year! Yet I'm 3 stone heavier, have no money and work longer hours! Must try harder this year. Nice post, I'll mention it on my blog. Happy New Year!


I won't say how much weight my list has on it to be lost - but it's more than a stone :-(

My first resolution (and the one most easily achieved) is to go back to yoga classes - I've lapsed this year and to say I am feeling stiff and achy is a huge understatement.

And thank you for reminding me that I need to get a new diary and a new calendar and transfer all the dates I currently have scribbled on the bottom of the one for 2007. Joy.


I have the same resoultions and I love lists! My other half says I make lists of all the list I have to make!
Happy New Year x


I couldn't possibly do a list. I refused to. It will only come back to bit me in the back side in 6 months time...

And THAT STONE?? Please don't talk to me about that. I'll start crying.

What's your secret for losing it? If it works... I'll send YOU a present!


I think most women's resolutions are more or less the same. I did lose 19 lbs in 2007 but have managed to put back half of it over Christmas so that's absolute top of my list. I love reading and am amazed at how many books 'book bloggers' manage to get through so 'Read more' is on the list too. I love making lists of things I have already done for the sheer joy of crossing it off!! Bet I'm not the only one who does this either!


I love your idea of a book list- am very sad and cut out reviews, shove them in the back of my diary and keep that in my back so I can check off books whenever I go near a book shop...Kate Atkinsons book there on your pile is v.good- I finished it late last year. No idea on the others though! Good luck with your book writing. I started in March and am only two/three chapters in still. Grrr.


You ok?????

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